Elsie Rose is one month old


Elsie Rose is One month old~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

Where has that time gone?

Buried under baby clinic appointments, nappy changes and broken sleep.

I’d love to say I wouldn’t change a moment of our month together, but not every day has been easy. And by baby number 4, I know to expect that. Babies are hard work. Add them to the mix of three other children and they are even more hard work. (more…)



In May I published this post to announce my fourth pregnancy. I was 14 weeks pregnant and already weeks into the horrendous sickness that debilitated me for so long.

I was happy to be pregnant. I was excited; I’d always wanted four children and that dream was becoming reality at last!

But the sickness was horrific. The medication helped, but it never really went away. The emotional scars of feeling so desperate, too scared to leave the house incase I was sick all over people I didn’t know, hating the sight of the kitchen because it meant food, lying on the floor at 7pm every night while my eldest daughter helped to put her brother and sister to bed… the emotional scars of all of that run deep, even now.

I stopped taking my medication at 27 weeks pregnant, and give or take a few sick days here and there I was lucky enough not to need any more at all.

My Positive Pregnancy

my positive pregnancy~Ghostwritermummy.co.uk



Those last few weeks #WPD2014

Elsie Rose is three weeks and 3 days old. For each of the 24 days that she has been alive, we have been thankful for her. For her strength and her courage, and her stamina too. We are thankful that we were given a few extra weeks of a stressful pregnancy. We know that things could have been so different for her, and for us. Those last few weeks made a huge difference.

those last few weeks_ wpd2014~Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

The first time the doctors told us they wanted to deliver our baby prematurely was a huge shock.

We were used to pregnancies that lasted at least 41 weeks, if not 42 and a couple of extra days on top. I was prepared for a baby in late November, even entertained ideas of sharing my birthday. A baby delivered at 34 weeks terrified us. (more…)


An IUGR baby: Elsie’s first week

After several hours on the postnatal ward, Elsie and I were finally discharged into the real world. Free to leave the safe confines of this sterile world into which she was born, and our little IUGR super star slept on. We’d been told we’d have to wait until feeding was established before we could leave, but once my pain relief medications and fragmin shots were ready the midwife in charge saw no reason to keep us. So, strapped into our Doona (more on that later) Elsie and I made a very slow retreat from the hospital. Much of our first week together was documented on Instagram, through photos and captions and comments and I’d love to share some of them with you.


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An IUGR baby_ Elsie's first week_ going home~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

Having been inside the hospital since Thursday, it was wonderful to feel fresh air on my skin on that Saturday night. And as the city was getting ready to drink, dance and laugh, we were off on a new, very different adventure. (more…)


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