After several hours on the postnatal ward, Elsie and I were finally discharged into the real world. Free to leave the safe confines of this sterile world into which she was born, and our little IUGR super star slept on. We’d been told we’d have to wait until feeding was established before we could leave, but once my pain relief medications and fragmin shots were ready the midwife in charge saw no reason to keep us. So, strapped into our Doona (more on that later) Elsie and I made a very slow retreat from the hospital.┬áMuch of our first week together was documented on Instagram, through photos and captions and comments and I’d love to share some of them with you.


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An IUGR baby_ Elsie's first week_ going home~

Having been inside the hospital since Thursday, it was wonderful to feel fresh air on my skin on that Saturday night. And as the city was getting ready to drink, dance and laugh, we were off on a new, very different adventure. (more…)