Wishing You a Very Merry Frugi Christmas! (and a giveaway!)

frugi-family-logo-snowglobeWe’re so proud to be part of the #FrugiFamily!

This year’s Christmas project is a little different because we were recently sent some mystery items to try out, and we also have a super giveaway for you too! So without further ado, I’d like to wish you a very merry Frugi Christmas!


Our items arrived in one of Frugi’s new- and very beautiful- Christmas gift bags. All tied up with a big red ribbon, the bags are made from thick card and are sturdy enough to survive the Christmas post, plus they look gorgeous under the tree too.

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What’s on Your Plate: Feeding a Toddler with Allergies

Elsie Rose was born at 37 weeks and 5 days weighing just 5lb 5. She’d been growth restricted in the womb and had an undiagnosed posterior tongue tie. For one reason or another we were discharged from hospital just over 24 hours after her early delivery, and before she had had her first breastfeed. In the hospital she had refused to feed, and what little she did take had come back up again amidst coughs and splutters. Having a low birth weight baby who could not feed was highly stressful; she was syringe fed for a week and we were literally hours away from allowing her to be re-admitted for tube feeding. Fast forward two years, and I’d like to say that things have improved drastically since then. And while they have in the respect that she is now gaining weight well, healthy and thriving, there are still feeding issues that we have to contend with on a daily basis.whats on your

Lots of IUGR babies have feeding issues, and for Elsie our issues revolve around allergies and reflux. She still suffers badly with both, and is unable to eat dairy and soya. We cannot be sure, but we think there are other foods that react badly with her too. At the moment her eczema is particularly bad, and if she inadvertently eats something containing any kind of milk protein her skin literally erupts. She will also suffer with breathing difficulties, streaming nose and congestion. So, obviously, we are really careful with what she eats. We have to be. And it doesn’t help that she is now two years old! With a ferocious mind and a temper to match, some days she will just refuse to eat what we make for her. And other days we will struggle to fill her up as she constantly demands ‘Eat! Eat!’ (more…)

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I Believe in Girl Power

I grew up in a busy house. Five girls, all close in age, all clamouring for their space in the world. My mum was the main earner in our house, and after my youngest sister was born my stepdad stayed at home to look after her once maternity leave was up. Back then, maternity leave was 12 weeks, so my mum used to come home in her lunch break (she was a primary school teacher) to breastfeed. And she would feed her through the night too, since nobody else was able to take on that job for her. She worked hard, and at the same time she showed us girls something really special. She showed us that no matter what happened in life, all we needed to do was to work hard at our dreams, and we could literally do anything.

Today, I am a mother to three girls.

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Grandparents Have all the Fun

These days there seems to be a national day for everything and everyone, but National Grandparents day is actually one that I don’t mind. For us, grandparents are an essential part of the kids’ lives and we’ve aways tried to make sure that they are as involved as possible. We want to nurture the relationships between them and all the kids, and to celebrate the special bonds they have. Since my eldest was born, I’ve really felt the strain of having my parents live so far away, so I’ve been even more determined to make sure they are a huge part of our lives. And in doing this, I realised that grandparents have all the fun!

Grandparents have all the we are bound to rules, regulations and early bedtimes, the grandparents are not. Living far away means that when they see the kids, its for a whole weekend, or for a few days in the holidays- which means that all of our carefully crafted routines go out of the window! My mum even has a special sweet jar that the kids know to root out as soon as they arrive. They know it will have been filled with all the goodies they love (including dairy free treats for Elsie) and they know that cookies at bedtime is literally a golden rule for the duration of their stay. To be honest, I don’t mind too much. I want the kids to have happy memories of their stays at their grandparents; I want them to remember these days filled with laughter, love and happiness. And that is how they are. How perfect is that?

Its hard living so far away from my parents. Sometimes I wish they could call round to walk down to school with me at 3.15 on a Wednesday afternoon. Sometimes I wish they could pop in for a brew on the way to the supermarket. Sometimes I wish that when something goes wrong, I could call and they’d be able to drop what they’re doing to scoot round with a hug and a solution. We all need our mums now and then, after all. Sadly, none of these things are possible for me, but I do know how lucky I am to have my parents at the end of a phone whenever I need them.

It’s hard living so far away from my parents when I know that they miss the kids like mad. I know they’d love to be able to take them to the park after school, or help with football training and swimming lesson drop offs. They miss the nativities and the school plays and the excited faces on Christmas Eve. They miss all of that, and its hard.

And this is why I am more than ok with the grandparents having all the fun. Spoiling the kids. Letting them stay up late, eat ice cream, watch too many cartoons. I am more than ok because they can’t do the things that other grandparents can do. What do grandparents mean to you?

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