Five Things you Need to Do Before your Road Trip

Recently Ghostwriterdaddy and I have been talking seriously about taking the kids out of school and off on an adventure. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but have never really considered it as a realistic option. The thing is though, I’ve come to realise that life is just way too short and there are far too many ‘grown up’ things waiting for the kids as it is. Now is the time we can really help them to make the most of being young, to have adventures and to enjoy life. So now that we’re starting to see the potential of turning a dream into reality, we’ve decided to test it all out with a road trip around Europe this summer. Exciting! As with anything though, there is suddenly SO MUCH to sort before we go and we’ve been occupying ourselves with lists upon lists upon lists! We thought it might be helpful to share some of our plans in case anyone else is thinking of taking a similar plunge. First and foremost, we need to stay safe- so here are our top five things you need to do before your road trip.

Five Things you Need to Do Before your Road sure your car is road worthy!!

Probably (definitely) one of the most important tips anyone will ever give you. No road trip can take place before you’ve had your car checked over and you know that it’s safe to drive and capable of making it to the end. I know it’s a pain, but the last thing you want is to get caught out somewhere in Europe when you’re far from home and you don’t speak the language. Get on to KwikFit and get that MOT service booked in NOW.

Get a safety kit together 

You’re going to be driving a lot (it’s a road trip, after all!) so you’re going to need to have a decent safety kit on board while you travel. Apparently, a huge proportion of road trippers don’t bother with a safety kit at all, which is just silly. You don’t need to go overboard here, but you will need at least: a torch, water bottles, a small first aid kit, phone charger, blankets and a towel, jump leads, a multi purpose tool, emergency contact/ roadside assistance details.

Learn how to take care of your car BEFORE you travel

I’m holding my hands up here and admitting that I don’t know how to change a tyre. I’ve been shown, but I didn’t retain the information for one reason or another! I also have no idea how to change (or even check) the oil and I have no clue what half of the lights on my dashboard mean. This needs to change. I cannot just rely on Ghostwriterdaddy for all of this. I’m due some car care lessons very soon I think!

Plan out your route 

It might seem obvious, but part of the charm of long road trips are the opportunities to explore. The thing is though, if you go too fart out you could find yourself miles from where you need to be for the night, or too far away from a petrol station when you need one. We intend to plan out our route as much as we can, and mark down where the amenities and petrol stations are before we travel. We intend to have a flexible plan.

Get some sleep

We’ll be sharing the driving,  but we will not be going anywhere if we’re not well rested before we travel. It’s so so important to get some early nights and be well rested before a road trip- so many accidents occur when drivers are driving tired, and there is no other way around it. Sleep.

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A Magical Christmas Break with Forest Holidays

A Magical Christmas Break with Forest has been a funny time of year for me for the last few years. I’ve learnt to accept now that the festive season is very bitter sweet in many ways. I love the lights, the music and the excitement. I truly do. But the fact will always remain that Christmas is a huge trigger for me. My son was born amidst the seasonal jollities and the horror of it all will forever be punctuated by Christmas songs, wrapping paper and cheesy cracker jokes. That’s just the way it is, and I have mechanisms in place to deal with it all. One of these ‘survival strategies’ has been to go away for the Christmas break. Just our little family, with all the presents and the trimmings. It’s become a hugely cathartic Christmas tradition and a real opportunity for us all to escape real life for a while. This year we were lucky enough to have a magical Christmas break with Forest Holidays and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Ok, so it’s early but believe me we start to think around this time of year about where we’re going to spend the festive season- and lots of places book up early, so if you’re planning to escape in the same way get booking now! Here are just three reasons why a Christmas break with Forest Holidays might be just what you need this year… (more…)

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Three Essential Additions for a Boy’s Bedroom

When we bought our four bedroom house, we always knew we’d fill it with kids, but we never really paid much attention to who would sleep where. When I was pregnant with Elsie we kind of agreed that Luka and Bella would share, but when it came to moving Elsie into her own room, it made much more sense for the girls to share. So Luka swapped into the smallest room of the house, and since then we’ve worked hard to get it organised for him. With three girls, there is a lot of girly stuff in the house, so we really wanted Luka to have a space where we could be free from pink and sparkles! Here are our three essential additions for a boy’s bedroom according to Luka- no pink glitter allowed! (more…)

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Three Spring Essentials for Girls

Three Spring Essentials for Girls- have to admit that dressing girls is a whole lot more fun than dressing boys. There just seems to be so much more fun stuff out there for girls, and they aren’t limited to just pants or trousers either . I mean, I have no objections to my son wearing skirts and dresses if he really wants to, but he really doesn’t so it’s not an option we explore much. Walk into a kids clothing store, or look online, and there are SO MANY bits and pieces I want to buy for the girls. When it comes to boys, I have to really search and more often than not the things I like are decidedly too ‘babyish’ now he’s the grand old age of eight. And because Bella and Elsie are so close in age and size, I literally cannot stop dressing them in matching outfits. Its so much fun! Here are my top three spring essentials for girls- I cannot wait to start clearing their wardrobes now! (more…)

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