The Harriet Hoody Dress from Frugi

We absolutely LOVE being part of the Frugi family, and with every delivery comes a new delight. This time, the beautifully fun and vibrant Harriet Hoody dress. Perfect for autumn and winter, and a fantastic compromise for a little girl who just has to wear a dress EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. She is who she is! And this is the Harriet Hoody dress…


As usual, we’re loving the fact that every purchase from Frugi means we’re giving back to the planet thanks to the brand’s ethical policies. Take a look here for more info. And, of course, we’re also loving that the Harriet Hoody dress, like every other item of clothing at Frugi, is made from soft organic cotton- sourced from sustainable crops. (more…)


Post Natal Anxiety: Time to Talk

I posted recently about finally stepping into the GP’s office and walking away with a label around my neck. Post Natal Depression. It hasn’t sat well. It’s off centre, like a pendant too heavy on a delicate chain. Swinging, useless, lopsided and ugly. The wrong label. A little bit off. I couldn’t really explain it, but my heart was saying no. And then I remembered that I’d been there before. In the early days after my son was born, and they told me I had PND and I argued, and they told me over and over again that I was wrong. Back then I stuck to my guns, and those around me who knew me best agreed. Not depression, something else. Something far too complicated to deal with maybe. And so this time, too, the label doesn’t quite fit, and I’m not the only one to believe it.

With my first Think Positive counselling session behind me, I am more assured and more confident that I have not lost all sight of myself. I don’t know why a professional opinion on the state of my mental health means more than my own, but it does. We’re in agreement: post natal depression doesn’t sit right because it’s not right. I’m not depressed. I’m not.

post natal anxiety 1Post Natal Anxiety is my label now, and its of no great surprise at all. And so I am learning to talk about the things that make me anxious, and the reasons why they do. The hope is that I learn to deal with them in a different way, and re-learn how to think positively and with a clearer, more rational response.

I am at the beginning.
I cannot see the end of this tunnel.

No light, not yet. (more…)


The Sally Swimsuit from Frugi

Once again we’ve been lucky enough to receive another new item from swimming range to review, and this time from their new swimming range. Since Bella is a true water baby and absolutely loving her swimming lessons at the moment, I decided to pick something out for her to wear. Another beauty of Frugi being that the clothes are not just for babies! The pieces for preschoolers and older children are just as awesome, as you’ll see from previous reviews were we’ve had these bits for The Big One and this coat for The School Boy. You really can dress the whole family at Frugi, especially as the maternity and breastfeeding range is all super gorgeous too. This time though, we’re talking the The Sally Swimsuit from Frugi– this is what we thought.

The Sally Swimsuit from (more…)


Like a Girl

Recently I overheard an extremely harassed mother complain that her son was doing a particular task ‘like a girl’ and of course I had to see what he was doing so brilliantly. I mean, as we all know, girls are so amazing and wonderful that whatever he was doing was bound to be of such great talent, strength and skill that it surely warranted a nosey. Right? Wrong. The poor lad was trying unsuccessfully to work the costume dryer machine in the changing rooms after his swimming lesson. He wasn’t pressing down on the lid hard enough so it wasn’t kicking in. And this was making his mother furious. Not just because a queue was building up behind him and this was clearly upsetting him. Not just because she was in a rush, and hot and needed to get home to make dinner. Not just because a wet costume in a gym bag is really annoying and likely to make everything else wet too. Oh no. Because he was doing it ‘like a girl’. With no strength. No ability. No common sense. Like a girl?!


I have there girls, and crucially I also have a son who I would like to grow up with respect for girls. It starts at home. Whatever he can do, they can do too. However strong he is, they are equally so. Whatever chores they have, he has them too. In our house, ‘like a girl’ is in no way an insult. It’s praise. It’s observation of a job well done. It’s… something we never say. But if we did, it would be a compliment. So I have to wonder when exactly did it become such an insult? (more…)


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