Like a Girl

Recently I overheard an extremely harassed mother complain that her son was doing a particular task ‘like a girl’ and of course I had to see what he was doing so brilliantly. I mean, as we all know, girls are so amazing and wonderful that whatever he was doing was bound to be of such great talent, strength and skill that it surely warranted a nosey. Right? Wrong. The poor lad was trying unsuccessfully to work the costume dryer machine in the changing rooms after his swimming lesson. He wasn’t pressing down on the lid hard enough so it wasn’t kicking in. And this was making his mother furious. Not just because a queue was building up behind him and this was clearly upsetting him. Not just because she was in a rush, and hot and needed to get home to make dinner. Not just because a wet costume in a gym bag is really annoying and likely to make everything else wet too. Oh no. Because he was doing it ‘like a girl’. With no strength. No ability. No common sense. Like a girl?!


I have there girls, and crucially I also have a son who I would like to grow up with respect for girls. It starts at home. Whatever he can do, they can do too. However strong he is, they are equally so. Whatever chores they have, he has them too. In our house, ‘like a girl’ is in no way an insult. It’s praise. It’s observation of a job well done. It’s… something we never say. But if we did, it would be a compliment. So I have to wonder when exactly did it become such an insult? (more…)


Pain after a c-section

Before I became a mother, I knew very little about pregnancy and the extent of my birth plan was to have a water birth, with no pain relief. In reality, my firstborn arrived thanks to a relatively calm ’emergency’ c-section, following induction and a whole load of pain relief medication. I remember visitors later remarking that I was handling the pain really well, and this I took to be a compliment. Pain after a c-section was supposed to be intense, right? I mean, they sliced open my belly and rummaged amongst my organs a little bit. That’s going to hurt, isn’t it? And yes, it did. But I was handling it well, so all was good. Until the next time.

Pain after a

The pain you get after a c-section is unique to you. Your pain threshold, your body, the way you heal- it all plays a part. Whether you keep up with your pain relief meds, whether you rest enough when you get home, and whether you take the time to be kind to yourself- they are also important factors. How many c-sections you’ve had, how fit and well you were before you gave birth, how well you were during pregnancy- more variable factors to consider. So when people ask me what the recovery is going to be like, there is just no way I can tell them. I am me. You are you. And that’s the best way to be. (more…)


The iCandy Raspberry in Disneyland Paris

We had an incredibly awesome Christmas, and it’s taken me a while to sort through all the photos! We took the kids on a surprise trip to Disneyland Paris, and we took an iCandy Raspberry with us too. This is what we thought…

The iCandy Raspberry in Disneyland

How it looks

On first impressions, the iCandy Raspberry in fuchsia is a truly stunning pushchair. I’ve gone for the black chassis, but you can also choose a brushed aluminium chassis too. And the colours! I chose the bright, funky fuchsia because I love how it looks and there really is a colour to suit all. If you prefer something a little more classic, there is the Arctic Night (black) or the Atlantic (a lovely muted teal blue). And for the lovers of all things bright and beautiful: the Wisteria is a powerful purple shade, and the Sunflower is all that it promises- a fantastic bright yellow! Personally, I think the fuchsia looks amazing! (more…)


A Cheeky Chomper Adventure with Chewy!

I was recently contacted by Cheeky Chompers, who were keen to share something with me. I don’t know why on earth I’ve never heard of Cheeky Chompers before! With four children who have all suffered white badly with teething, this is one brand I definitely should have known about! At the moment Elsie has a back tooth coming through and to say the last two weeks have been a nightmare would be an understatement! For some reason, reflux babies experience a worsening of symptoms during teething which is just grim. So any relief we can give her is welcomed, and it looks as though Cheeky Chompers have some really fantastic products for just this purpose. I love the idea of dribble bibs and blankets with a soft, chewable edge for little ones to relieve their gums! Such a simple but fantastic idea. So when Cheeky Chompers asked me if I’d like to take the latest addition, Chewy, on an adventure I could hardly say no! This is our Cheeky Chomper Adventure with Chewy, as told in photos…

A Cheeky Chomper Adventure with Chewy! (more…)

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