Clever little things: the Gro to Bed from the Gro Company

Every now and then I come across some clever little things that I just cannot believe I’ve been able to live without. Seriously. When those little niggling parenting obstacles that cause you daily headaches are suddenly eliminated, it’s truly a Christmas miracle! One such clever little thing is the Gro to Bed from the Gro Company. We were sent one to review and I have to say that it is fantastic! Here’s why…

Clever little things: the Gro to Bed from the Gro

The headache

Bella and Elsie share a room. Bella sleeps in the cot bed we’ve had since The Big One was a baby. At the moment it’s the perfect size for her and it means that we can fit two cot beds in the room with no problem at all. And as Bella is such a great sleeper, she never ever wakes when Elsie does, so the arrangement works out really well. What wasn’t working well though, was Bella’s tendency to move a lot in her sleep. And she only ever wakes up when her covers come off. Not a huge problem, really. Except that she calls me when her covers are on the floor, and her calling wakes Elsie. Which means that while she promptly falls back to sleep, nice and cosy once more, Elsie and I are up and awake for another hour or so! (more…)


Bepanthen’s winter skin care tips for babies

This time of year is really harsh on the little one’s skin. Poor Elsie and Bella are both really suffering with eczema at the moment. For Elsie, I think it’s a combination of the tail end of the failed milk ladder, and for Bella it’s probably the cold air and warm central heating causing havoc. Whatever the cause, they are both covered in dry, red patches all over their arms, legs and tummies at the moment. We’re a little stuck with what to use on it too, seeing as they both have very sensitive skin. Recently though, we were sent a winter skin care package from Bepanthen, so I thought I’d put together a few tips on winter skin care for babies.  Please leave me your tips in the comments too- we’ll try anything!

bepanthen winter skin care

Know your rashes

Apparently lots of babies are born with dry skin, or baby eczema as my midwife called it. Its quite normal, and usually clears up by itself so is nothing to worry about. The three younger ones, however, all suffered with it long after it was supposed to have gone. I must admit to being a bit of a worrier when it comes to rashes, and I always have a meningitis check list in the baby’s room so that I can rule that out first. But when it comes to eczema I can still be a little flumoxed! Since Luka and Esie both suffer with allergies, it’s sometimes a little difficult to know whether it’s eczema or a reaction to something they’ve eaten. There’s a really good article on the Bepanthen site on the different types of rashes babies get, well worth a read. (more…)

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Super Scooter Tips and Tricks

Every single year since I can remember, the kids have asked for new scooters at Christmas. We are definitely much more a ‘scooter family’ than a cycle family. Bella especially LOVES her scooters, and I really cannot wait to see her face when she opens her new one on Christmas day! But over the years, I have to admit to making more than a few scooter mistakes. It’s easily done. At first I was swayed by the colours, but I soon came to realise that there is much much more to choosing one than what it looks like. For example, some of the toddler scooters have what we call a ‘lean’ action, meaning that to turn corners you lean rather than steer. Which is great, unless your child really can’t figure it out at all! Some scooters are four wheels, some are three, or even two. Some scooters light up, some flash. So where do you start? Here is a really quick guide to super scooter tips and tricks, with a fab infographic put together by Halfords, to hopefully make your last minute Christmas shopping that little bit easier!

Super Scooter Tips and (more…)

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Christmas Games for Preschoolers from Orchard Toys

We’ve been sent a couple of games from Orchard Toys to review, and since we’re already huge fans of these games for preschoolers, it can come as no surprise to hear that we love them! If you’re looking for a last minute stocking filler, Christmas gift, or a fun game to play in between now and Christmas (and let’s face it, we all need ideas on how to keep the kids entertained while they climb the walls with excitement!) then look no further. Here are our thoughts on the Cake Monster and Christmas Surprises games.

Cake Monster

Christmas Games for Preschoolers from Orchard

This game is aimed towards children aged three and upwards, and is a simple game that teaches a multitude of skills. It’s great for

  • Observational Skills
  • Number and Counting Skills
  • Discussion
  • Personal and Social Skills
  • Matching and Memory Skills
  • Hand Eye Coordination

Not to mention it’s great fun too!

The object of the game is to collect a full plateful of cakes, and there are two ways to play. Like other games from Orchard Toys, the game is fun, educational and very easy to play, so perfect for preschoolers jus beginning to learn counting skills and turn taking.

Christmas Games for Preschoolers from Orchard

The pieces are brightly coloured and durable- all printed on thick cardboard that withstands even the heaviest of hands!- and the whole game play is short and sweet, making it great for limited attention spans. This would make a great stocking filler or gift this  Christmas. (more…)

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