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A Cheeky Chomper Adventure with Chewy!

I was recently contacted by Cheeky Chompers, who were keen to share something with me. I don’t know why on earth I’ve never heard of Cheeky Chompers before! With four children who have all suffered white badly with teething, this is one brand I definitely should have known about! At the moment Elsie has a back tooth coming through and to say the last two weeks have been a nightmare would be an understatement! For some reason, reflux babies experience a worsening of symptoms during teething which is just grim. So any relief we can give her is welcomed, and it looks as though Cheeky Chompers have some really fantastic products for just this purpose. I love the idea of dribble bibs and blankets with a soft, chewable edge for little ones to relieve their gums! Such a simple but fantastic idea. So when Cheeky Chompers asked me if I’d like to take the latest addition, Chewy, on an adventure I could hardly say no! This is our Cheeky Chomper Adventure with Chewy, as told in photos…

A Cheeky Chomper Adventure with Chewy!_Ghostwritermummy.co.uk (more…)

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A Christmas Treasure Box for Babies

This Christmas, I’ve failed miserably at the whole Christmas crafts for the kids thing. I had so many ideas pinned and yet so little time to do them. This is definitely something I intend to change next year, as with Bella about to start school in September, my time with her is running out. I did, however, manage this activity. We made a Christmas Treasure box for Elsie and it was fantastic. Elsie still plays with the treasure box now, and we placed it under the Christmas tree to distract her from the baubles and lights. And yes, it works! Here’s how to make a Christmas Treasure Box for babies.

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Win a Family Games set from Megableu!

We’ve recently been having so much fun with some super duper games from Megableu! Back in October, I told you all about our Halloween inspired games, Creepy Hand and Ghost Hunt. This month I want to tell you about three more family games we’ve been lucky enough to try out too- PLUS you can have a chance to win all five in time for Christmas! How exciting. Here are our thoughts on Alien Mission, Tricking’ Camel and Cobra Attack, plus details on how you can win a family games set from Megableu!

Win a Family Games set from Megableu!_Ghostwritermummy.co.ukAlien Mission

This is a really fantastic little game, very similar to Ghost Hunt but with a slightly different twist. Players are once more required to wear goggles (much hilarity ensues) and as if by magic, aliens appear! Players then use the gun to shoot them, earning points for for destroying them as quickly as possible. Ok, so it’s not the most gentle of family games but I can assure you it really is a lot of fun! Perfect for Luka, who loves to run about rather than sit at the table for board games. (more…)


Zac and Lily Christmas Baking

We were recently sent some beautiful Christmas baking sets from Zac and Lily and I have to say that we absolutely loved them. So much so, we’ve just bought a few sets for teacher gifts too. Here are our thoughts on the wonderful Christmas Eve Kit and Reindeer Lebkuchen baking kits…

Zac and Lily Christmas baking_ghostwritermummy.co.uk

The first thing that struck me when our box arrived, was how beautifully the kits are packaged. And I can confirm that the teacher gifts we received today are just as spectacular. The Christmas Eve Kit came in a lovely little box tied up with a red ribbon, and a note to Bella from Elsie. Luka’s reindeer kit came in a little tube with a personalised message too. This is such a lovely touch that really means┬áthe kits make wonderful gifts. The kids were thrilled!

Zac and Lily Christmas baking_ghostwritermummy.co.uk (more…)

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