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From Babies with Love: #HugaBearDay

We were sent a beautiful bear from the wonderful From Babies with Love, and just in time for #HugaBear day too! Here are our thoughts, and a few reasons why you should pop one of these bears on your Christmas shopping list this year!

From Babies with Love_Hug a bear day_ ghostwritermummy.co.uk

Like everything else that you can buy from the super From Babies with Love, all profits from the bear go around the world to help children in need. Read this post for more info on exactly how this works, and who benefits from this. The bear is available to buy from Boots. 

From Babies with Love: #HugaBearDay_Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

Like the super cute sleep suit we were sent, the bear comes beautifully presented, in a box with the signature label printed with From Babies with Love. I absolutely adore this touch because it’s a really subtle celebration of just how wonderful this brand really is. To think that every singe penny that is made in profit goes to help these children is amazing. And so each and every item you buy really is from babies, with love. (more…)

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Family games from Megableu: a review

We were recently sent a couple of spooky games for an evening of family games fun from Megableu. And fun we had! We played The Creepy Hand and Ghost Hunt, and this is what we thought…

Family games from Megableu: a review_ghostwritermummy.co.ukThe Ghost Hunt game is aimed towards children aged 5 and above, and it’s a really simple game to play. This was perfect to play on Halloween and it’s one that can be played with just one player. The kids loved it! Players pop on the glasses, and the skeleton projects ghosts onto the walls that you have to shoot with the laser gun. Need I say any more? (more…)

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A Birthday Adventure with Aerial Extreme!

Recently we celebrated The Big One’s birthday at Aerial Extreme, Manchester. What a truly wonderful day! In the interests of disclosure, I spent the entire afternoon with my feet firmly on the floor, but the kids and Ghostwriterdaddy most certainly did not! This is what they got up to: a birthday adventure with Aerial Extreme!

A birthday adventure_Aerial Extreme_Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

We were asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to our booking time, and this is so that the kids could receive training and fit their harnesses safely. The training is actually very simple- they’re shown how to use the rope system and given reassurance about the course from the trained staff. The staff are always present on the ground to offer words of encouragement and advice. Then basically they are left to it! See the excitement on her face?!

A birthday adventure_Aerial Extreme_Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

The entire group up in the trees is around 15 people, and everyone completes the course in order, since everyone is attached to a rope that clips onto a pulley system for each different part. So there’s no queue jumping and everyone was really patient with those who were less confident. There’s only one person on each part of the course at any one time too, so nobody is wobbling it for you and you can take your time, go at your own pace.

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This blog is five years old

This blog is five years old today. I wish I had a milestone card for that.

This blog is five years old_ghostwritemrummy.co.uk

Five years ago I sat in my kitchen and realised that something had to change. I’d spent much of the day in tears, re-living The School Boy’s birth. It was ten months on, he was a lovely warm, happy, sleeping baby with eyes so blue and a wide smile… and yet I still could not talk about what happened without some kind of cold dread pulling me down. A couple of months previously I’d been to my GP to ask for help and had been sent away again to ‘think about antidepressants’. I already knew I wasn’t depressed (PTSD is often misdiagnosed after birth) but I knew I needed something. An outlet. A way to work through what I was feeling. A way to re-gather my strength, lest I fall apart completely.

So i started this blog. I forget what was the final push. But here we are.

I wrote my son’s birth story and was amazed that people got in touch to say that it had moved them, they understood, I wasn’t alone. (more…)


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