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#MaternityMatters link up (5)

Time for another #MaternityMatters link up, and this week I want to tell you a little about the #MatExp campaign, part of the NHS Change Day taking place 11th March- just six days away!

NHS Change Day’s slogan:

do something better together

Maternity Matters link up 5~

and part of this campaign is #MatExp, focusing on improving the maternity experiences of women and professionals in the NHS. If you read the 8 actions, you might see one that strikes a chord with you. You might also see that Maternity Matters and Ghostwritermummy are listed as valuable resources for professionals to learn more about the experiences that women face during their maternity care. The reason why I mention this is so that you know how important your posts are. Your posts linked up to #MaternityMatters means your voice is being heard, and you are making a difference.

The 8 actions:

Skin to Skin

Optimal cord clamping

How does it feel? (lithotmoy)

Language Matters

Life with a new baby (focus on breastfeeding)

Informed choice

Holding a local #MatExp event

Just do something


Do you have any posts that fit in with these themes? Make your voice heard.

As always. please link up as many posts as you like, and if you’d like to display our badge please do!

Maternity Matters~ Ghostwritermummy

It would be lovely if you could visit as many of the posts on the linky as possible, and if you tweet me (@ghostwritermumm) or Jayne (@jaynecrammond) we will RT and share too. I do get round to visiting every post that’s linked up and I love reading them all.


#MaternityMatters link up (4)

It’s time for another #MaternityMatters link up! Thank you so much to everyone that has taken the time to link up, to read and to share the posts. Jayne and I truly love hosting this linky because it gives us the chance to glimpse into so many different lives, and to share in such varied experiences too. We hope you’re enjoying it too.

If you don’t already, please take a moment to follow Maternity Matters on Twitter and Facebook. And if you would like to display our badge we’d be thrilled!


Maternity Matters~ Ghostwritermummy

This time I’ve linked up two posts- an old post written way back when this blog first began and a post that documents the reason why I started blogging in the first place, and a new post about postnatal care. Please do link up as many posts as you like, both old and new, and if you can read and comment on some of the other posts linked up that would be fab.

#MaternityMatters link up (4)~

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