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Maternity Matters link up (8)

We’re now onto the 8th Maternity Matters link up- wow! Thanks to all who support Jayne and I- you are all amazing!

A few weeks ago I told you a little about #MatExp as part of NHS Change day and this week I want to urge you to have a look at the hashtag on Twitter once more. There is a #MatExp ABC happening every day- so far we’ve had A,B and C so today is D. If you have examples, please tweet them with #MatExp and @mention the wonderful @FWmaternitykhft too- I’m loving seeing all the examples that matter to families when it comes to maternity services. If you have a relevant post that fits with the daily letter do share that too!

Maternity Matters link up

As ever, we’re thrilled that so many of you link up each time, and when you do please do tweet me @ghostwritermumm and Jayne @jaynecrammond so that we can share your posts. I do always read very post linked up too, and will always share them on Twitter- if I haven’t been to you yet, don’t worry, I will!

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Maternity Matters~ Ghostwritermummy


#MaternityMatters link up (7)

I can hardly believe it’s the 7th #MaternityMatters already! As always, Jayne and I are thrilled that so many of you link up each time. We love reading your posts, and we hope you like reading them too.

Maternity Matters is almost ready to re-launch and we hope you will all join us when the site is ready- we want to help empower and support women through their pregnancies and beyond, and we can only do that with your support!

#MaternityMatters 7~

This week I have a small request to ask you. The 2015 Brilliance in Blogging awards are open for nominations and I would be so grateful if you’d consider voting for Ghostwritermummy. If this blog has inspire you in any way, or if you would like to help me raise awareness of maternity matters, your vote would mean so much. The form is here, my email is and I’d love nominations in writer, family and inspire. THANK YOU!

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Maternity Matters~ Ghostwritermummy


Brilliance in Blogging 2015: raising awareness of IUGR, birth trauma and maternity matters

I wasn’t sure I wanted to write this, and I am still not really that sure either. But when we were told that our beautiful Elsie Rose (at that point unnamed, simply The Poppyseed) was an IUGR baby and likely to be born very early and very sick, I made a promise to myself. To learn all that I could about IUGR. To be strong. To talk to the doctors with knowledge and confidence. To be her advocate. Her strongest supporter.

To never give up.

Brilliance in Blogging 2015: raising awareness of IUGR,, birth trauma and maternity matters~

We were told at 31 weeks that there was reduced blood flow through the cord and that our precious little Poppyseed was not getting enough oxygen or nutrients. She was not growing as she should be; my body was failing her and there was little I could do. We lived on a knife edge for many weeks. Constant trips to the hospital for growth scans, doppler scans, and CTG monitoring for reduced movements. I used to lie in bed at night with my hand over my bump and will my baby to be ok. To kick just once. To move. To fight. (more…)


#MaternityMatters link up (5)

Time for another #MaternityMatters link up, and this week I want to tell you a little about the #MatExp campaign, part of the NHS Change Day taking place 11th March- just six days away!

NHS Change Day’s slogan:

do something better together

Maternity Matters link up 5~

and part of this campaign is #MatExp, focusing on improving the maternity experiences of women and professionals in the NHS. If you read the 8 actions, you might see one that strikes a chord with you. You might also see that Maternity Matters and Ghostwritermummy are listed as valuable resources for professionals to learn more about the experiences that women face during their maternity care. The reason why I mention this is so that you know how important your posts are. Your posts linked up to #MaternityMatters means your voice is being heard, and you are making a difference.

The 8 actions:

Skin to Skin

Optimal cord clamping

How does it feel? (lithotmoy)

Language Matters

Life with a new baby (focus on breastfeeding)

Informed choice

Holding a local #MatExp event

Just do something


Do you have any posts that fit in with these themes? Make your voice heard.

As always. please link up as many posts as you like, and if you’d like to display our badge please do!

Maternity Matters~ Ghostwritermummy

It would be lovely if you could visit as many of the posts on the linky as possible, and if you tweet me (@ghostwritermumm) or Jayne (@jaynecrammond) we will RT and share too. I do get round to visiting every post that’s linked up and I love reading them all.


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