Maternity Matters link up (12)

Time for another Maternity Matters link up, and this is the 12th!

Amazing to think that it’s been almost six months since Jayne and I made the decision to set up this linky ahead of the re-launch of Maternity Matters the site. Which, by the way, is now underway. As part of my #MatExp action for #FlamingJune I have pledged to get Maternity Matters up and running again before the end of June. Watch this space!

As always, please link up as many old or new maternity related posts as you like, and please do share with me when you do that I can RT for you. And if you’d like the badge, here you go.

Maternity Matters~ Ghostwritermummy

One last thing… I made it to the finals of the MAD blog awards for best pregnancy blog! This means the world to me, and if you could spare a moment to vote (here) that would be amazing. Thank you!

MAD Blog Awards UK 2015
We made it to the finals of the MAD blog awards~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk


We need to talk about HG

We need to talk about HG.

It shouldn’t take a duchess to make people aware. It shouldn’t take a team of royal doctors and a nation obsessed to highlight the hell that hundreds of women are going through RIGHT NOW.

We need to talk about HG~Ghostwritermummy.co.uk
art work courtesy of Brenda

It should be enough that just one woman you know has lived through this. It should be enough that she has had tubes and wires coming in and out of her weakened body.

She has spent hours and hours and hours holding her head so still for fear that she may vomit again.

She has spent hours and hours and hours crying silently, her body unable to even make tears.

She nay even have spent hours and hours and hours thinking wishing dismissing thoughts of a termination. Back and forth, back and forth. (more…)


My #MatExp action

June is the month of action and I want to share my #MatExp action pledge with you.

The #MatExp campaign is gaining even more momentum now that the site is up and running and our Facebook group is thriving too. It’s wonderful to see so many people passionate about making changes that benefit women and families accessing maternity services. It’s an honour to be a part of it all.

During June we’re asking people to pledge an action to help make the changes happen. #MatExp is not led by any one person and we want everyone to take ownership. If you want to get involved, please don’t wait for permission- just do it! And if you’re not sure how, have a read of Leigh’s post, All actions big and small.

This is my #MatExp action pledge.

#MatExp action pledge~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk (more…)


I wanted a water birth (and why having a c-section might be ok after all)

I wanted a water birth first time around.

No pain relief.

Who was I kidding?

I thought baby would come early.

Again, who was I kidding?

I thought it would all go- excuse the pun- swimmingly.


I wanted a water birth~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

Four children on and I’m aware that nothing goes to plan. Nothing happens the way you intend it and when it comes to birth, that is never more true. That water birth became an induction at 42 weeks, became a baby in distress, became a baby stuck, became an emergency section. And still I made plans.

I wanted a planned section second time around.

My choice of music in the theatre. No emergencies, no drama. No pain. (more…)


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