Five Tips to Ease the Stress of Colic

All babies cry. It’s a fact that we become accustomed to long before we even think about having babies of our own. Even Elsie, at just under two years old, knows that babies cry thanks to The Wheels on The Bus. But what we can’t ever prepare for is the way that a baby’s cry can make us feel when it’s our baby making all the noise. Sometimes, it can be the hardest sound in the world to listen to. When you’re a parent, you want to help. To soothe. To protect. And sometimes, no matter what you do, it doesn’t seem to be quite enough. If you’re a parent of a baby who has suffered with colic, you’ll know what I mean. It’s hard. Really hard! So I’ve put together some tips to help ease the stress. Let me know in the comments if they help!

Five Tips to Ease the Stress of (more…)

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Your Time Will Come, Mama.

Your time will come newborn days are intense. Long, hard and drawn out- often with little room to breathe, to exhale and to truly appreciate what you have. The days are filled with nappies, endless feeds, laundry loads and missed sleep. Some days are better than others, but mostly- at first- you are completely and utterly tethered to that little person. That little person needs you. That little person relies on you. That little person is your reason for existing. And sometimes, that’s so hard to accept. So hard to place this new life alongside your old life, and move on without hiccups. Without regrets. Without a yearning for those free and easy days of being responsible for just yourself. Those magical days of freedom and fun and feeling like a person rather than a machine. (more…)


Newborn Gifts From Babies with Love

As ambassadors for From Babies With Love, Elsie and I have been lucky enough to be among the first to hear about new products and share in the incredible stories of the children whose lives have been transformed thanks to this amazing brand. With 100% profits going to charities set up to help orphaned and abandoned children around the world, every time you buy something you are helping these children to build a life worth living. SOS children villages have been set up to provide warmth, shelter, food and love for children who have lost their parents through famine, war and disease. And From Babies With Love have made it their business to help.

So you can imagine my pride to be able to share with you the beautiful new range of newborn gifts.

newborn gifts from babies with

We were asked to choose a gift from the range, which includes personalised prints, baby blankets, door hangers and more. Since Elise is no longer newborn (sob!) I decided I would treat my beatiful newborn niece instead. We chose a wonderful print with the rabbit design for her, and had it personalised with her name, birth date and weight. We also chose a very handy and beautifully printed door hanger to remind guests to keep the noise down while she’s sleeping! (more…)

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The Post Birth Body

Why, oh WHY do we shame the post birth body? Why do we wait eagerly for women to return to ‘their normal selves’ once their baby is born? There is no normal self now! There is no returning to life as it was before. There is no point in wishing you could go back either. The post birth body is a super hero! Why do we want to change it?

I recently witnessed a conversation about a new mum, who is no doubt desperately in love with her new baby and hopefully thinking of far more important things than the size of her jeans. Such as keeping her baby alive, filling her baby with love and nourishment and maybe even tending to her own basic needs at some point too. Hopefully she was not thinking about the size of her body now, the work she has ahead of her to ‘get back to normal’ or the fact that her size 8 jeans are most likely to remain at the back of the wardrobe for the rest of eternity.

The post birth

How dare we?

How dare we do this to new mums? How dare we take away what they have done, and reduce it to what we think they should look like. Never mind what they are like as a person, as long as they are inoffensive to unrealistic material ideals… Never mind the fact that they have recently grown a human being inside their body. Never mind the fact that their body is now feeding that baby. Keeping a person alive! Providing nourishment, nutrition and love! Whether you breastfeed or not, your body doesn’t stop after birth. It produced milk. It keeps on going. That is the body’s way of telling the world that there are far more amazing things happening right now. (more…)


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