The Harriet Hoody Dress from Frugi

We absolutely LOVE being part of the Frugi family, and with every delivery comes a new delight. This time, the beautifully fun and vibrant Harriet Hoody dress. Perfect for autumn and winter, and a fantastic compromise for a little girl who just has to wear a dress EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. She is who she is! And this is the Harriet Hoody dress…


As usual, we’re loving the fact that every purchase from Frugi means we’re giving back to the planet thanks to the brand’s ethical policies. Take a look here for more info. And, of course, we’re also loving that the Harriet Hoody dress, like every other item of clothing at Frugi, is made from soft organic cotton- sourced from sustainable crops. (more…)


The #DysonChallenge

Recently Luka and I were invited to Manchester museum of science and industry to take part in the #DysonChallenge with Currys PC World. Now those who know me know that I actually love vacuuming and Dyson are a brand that I have always relied on too. I’ve owned two Dyson vacuums in my life, and I have to say that they are the kings of the vacuum world. That said, my last model has been relegated to the garage in the last few months, but only due to a couple of design ‘flaws’ that I’ll talk about in a moment. I’ll point out now that the new Dyson Cinetic Big Ball vacuum has eliminated these ‘flaws’ (and I say flaws, really I mean niggles to me personally!) which is fantastic. So the aim of the #DysonChallenge was to showcase a couple of new products, and to inspire our kids to think about how these products work, and how the engineers work hard to make sure that their creations are the best they can be.

Take a look at my video of our day:


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Getting Ready for Back to School with The Works

This year has been a big one for back to school shopping. All of a sudden I have three children getting ready for the new term, and only one staying behind at home. It’s going to be so strange to have such an empty house throughout the day, and even stranger to have one child in high school! Actual high school. I could weep for the years that have passed! And with the high school uniform list also came quite an extensive list of stationery and books that were are needed for all year seven pupils, which led me, inevitably, to The Works. I love that shop! We managed to get all the bits we needed and at a fraction of the price too. But I digress. Here are my top five tips on getting ready for back to school with The Works. Hopefully some of these will help you to make the transition a little more easily…

Getting ready for back to school with The a list and break it into chunks

It seems like only five minutes since I was qualifying as a teacher myself, and sending my first born off to her reception class with a heavy heart. Now she has her own key and an iPhone and… and I guess time is moving on. And so must I. And so in my quest to be okay with it all, I decided that I needed to spread out the back to school shopping in the hopes that it won’t hurt too much. One of the best decisions I made was to break up the essentials into chunks, and one of those chunks was high school stationery and books- all purchased at The Works this year. The Big One needed a french and spanish dictionary, 2HB pencils, notebooks, colouring pencils… the list went on. But because I’d made a list for these bits separate from the uniform bits we needed, the entire shop was a lot less daunting than it could have been. (more…)

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Introducing #6StepsToPottyTrainingSuccess: an update

It’s been a month or so since we made our first proper vlog! Have you seen it yet? Just in case you haven’t, here we go…

Making the video was a real labor of love, not only because filming, editing and indeed speaking to the camera is all new for us, but because of the potty training journey itself too. In the video I talk about the six steps to potty training success, and one of the first steps is spotting the signs that your little one is ready to start their big new adventure. Being under two, Elsie is probably one of the youngest Huggies ambassadors and certainly the only one who has yet to even start potty training, so when we made the video we were still very much at the ‘accidentally pooing in the bath stage’ (see video)… so where we are now? Here’s a little update.


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