Think Toddler Sized: Feed My Little Pal!

Think Toddler Portions: Feed My Little at our house can be a fairly stressful affair at the best of times. I know the kids need a balanced and healthy diet, but when you have one child who literally only wants to eat white food, another with allergies and two others with incredibly fussy palates, it’s easy to give in and let them dictate the menu. The thing is though, these little people are my responsibility and I want them to be healthy and strong; I know that the UK has a problem right now with poor health linked to bad diets, and I know that the education has to start now, while they’re young. We need to get them into better habits! This is why the Think Toddler Size campaign is one that really resonates with me. I need help. I need to find ways to ensure my kids are getting the right balance of foods every time they sit down to eat. And, more over I need ideas for meals! A few months ago I wrote about toddler portion sizes and as a follow up to this, the Infant and Toddler Forum are now running a competition to try and source the best and most innovative ways to help parents plan, prepare and deliver balanced and nutritional meals for toddlers- using correct portion sizes for little tummies. Allow me to tell you about The Think Toddler Sized campaign, and the Feed My Little Pal app! (more…)

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The iCandy Raspberry in Disneyland Paris

We had an incredibly awesome Christmas, and it’s taken me a while to sort through all the photos! We took the kids on a surprise trip to Disneyland Paris, and we took an iCandy Raspberry with us too. This is what we thought…

The iCandy Raspberry in Disneyland

How it looks

On first impressions, the iCandy Raspberry in fuchsia is a truly stunning pushchair. I’ve gone for the black chassis, but you can also choose a brushed aluminium chassis too. And the colours! I chose the bright, funky fuchsia because I love how it looks and there really is a colour to suit all. If you prefer something a little more classic, there is the Arctic Night (black) or the Atlantic (a lovely muted teal blue). And for the lovers of all things bright and beautiful: the Wisteria is a powerful purple shade, and the Sunflower isĀ all that it promises- a fantastic bright yellow! Personally, I think the fuchsia looks amazing! (more…)


A Cheeky Chomper Adventure with Chewy!

I was recently contacted by Cheeky Chompers, who were keen to share something with me. I don’t know why on earth I’ve never heard of Cheeky Chompers before! With four children who have all suffered white badly with teething, this is one brand I definitely should have known about! At the moment Elsie has a back tooth coming through and to say the last two weeks have been a nightmare would be an understatement! For some reason, reflux babies experience a worsening of symptoms during teething which is just grim. So any relief we can give her is welcomed, and it looks as though Cheeky Chompers have some really fantastic products for just this purpose. I love the idea of dribble bibs and blankets with a soft, chewable edge for little ones to relieve their gums! Such a simple but fantastic idea. So when Cheeky Chompers asked me if I’d like to take the latest addition, Chewy, on an adventure I could hardly say no! This is our Cheeky Chomper Adventure with Chewy, as told in photos…

A Cheeky Chomper Adventure with Chewy! (more…)

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A Christmas Treasure Box for Babies

This Christmas, I’ve failed miserably at the whole Christmas crafts for the kids thing. I had so many ideas pinned and yet so little time to do them. This is definitely something I intend to change next year, as with Bella about to start school in September, my time with her is running out. I did, however, manage this activity. We made a Christmas Treasure box for Elsie and it was fantastic. Elsie still plays with the treasure box now, and we placed it under the Christmas tree to distract her from the baubles and lights. And yes, it works! Here’s how to make a Christmas Treasure Box for babies.

A Christmas Treasure Box for (more…)

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