Time to #ReThinkToddlerPortionSizes

Time to rethink toddler portion were recently asked to take part in a challenge at mealtimes, and since most mealtimes in our house are challenges in themselves, I thought why not? What’s another battle at the table in the grand scheme of things? With fussy eaters, allergies, intolerances, attitudes and vegetable aversions, we’ll literally take any help we can get when it comes to sorting out the kids’ eating habits. So what is the #ReThinkToddlerPortionSizes campaign all about?

This video explains it all really well, actually:



This blog is five years old

This blog is five years old today. I wish I had a milestone card for that.

This blog is five years

Five years ago I sat in my kitchen and realised that something had to change. I’d spent much of the day in tears, re-living The School Boy’s birth. It was ten months on, he was a lovely warm, happy, sleeping baby with eyes so blue and a wide smile… and yet I still could not talk about what happened without some kind of cold dread pulling me down. A couple of months previously I’d been to my GP to ask for help and had been sent away again to ‘think about antidepressants’. I already knew I wasn’t depressed (PTSD is often misdiagnosed after birth) but I knew I needed something. An outlet. A way to work through what I was feeling. A way to re-gather my strength, lest I fall apart completely.

So i started this blog. I forget what was the final push. But here we are.

I wrote my son’s birth story and was amazed that people got in touch to say that it had moved them, they understood, I wasn’t alone. (more…)


Reflux mums will know

Every now and then a well meaning friend links me to an article that has been written on reflux. Usually the article is about how not many babies actually have reflux, and that we are over medicating our children. I am pretty sure the author of such articles never had a reflux baby of their own. Surely, that has to be it? Reflux mums will know.

reflux mumx will know~

Reflux mums will know that cry. That constant blood curdling scream that starts right down in the belly and sends a cold ball of dread into your soul. The scream that pierces your skin, shatters your bones and crushes your resolve.

Reflux mums will know the postures too. The back arched so far that your baby becomes impossible to hold. The stiffness of the arms and legs and neck so that your baby is more like a plank of distressed wood than a soft and loving infant. The knees drawn up to the chest and the squirm squirm squirm that never ends.  (more…)


Maternity Matters link up (14)

Time for the 14th Maternity Matters link up! 14th! Wow.

When Jayne and I put our heads together at the beginning of the year we weren’t sure whether people would want to link up with us, but you have. Thank you! We love our little collection of maternity posts and although I may be slow getting around to you all, I do read every single one.

And now…

Maternity Matters is just days away from the re-launch! Please follow Jenny (@GreatNorthMum), Chelle (@ChelleMccann) Laura (@Laura_Babykicks) as new members of the Maternity Matters team- and of course don’t forget @MaternityMattrs too! We’re looking for contributors at the moment so if you’d like to write for us please get in touch. Also please tweet me @ghostwritermumm if you’d like to be involved in the pregnancy bloggers roundup I write for Tots100 each month.

And now for the link up. Here’s the badge

Maternity Matters~ Ghostwritermummy

And here’s the linky. Please read and share as many as you can!

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