Brilliance in Blogging 2015: raising awareness of IUGR, birth trauma and maternity matters

I wasn’t sure I wanted to write this, and I am still not really that sure either. But when we were told that our beautiful Elsie Rose (at that point unnamed, simply The Poppyseed) was an IUGR baby and likely to be born very early and very sick, I made a promise to myself. To learn all that I could about IUGR. To be strong. To talk to the doctors with knowledge and confidence. To be her advocate. Her strongest supporter.

To never give up.

Brilliance in Blogging 2015: raising awareness of IUGR,, birth trauma and maternity matters~

We were told at 31 weeks that there was reduced blood flow through the cord and that our precious little Poppyseed was not getting enough oxygen or nutrients. She was not growing as she should be; my body was failing her and there was little I could do. We lived on a knife edge for many weeks. Constant trips to the hospital for growth scans, doppler scans, and CTG monitoring for reduced movements. I used to lie in bed at night with my hand over my bump and will my baby to be ok. To kick just once. To move. To fight. (more…)


Elsie Rose is four months old

Today Elsie Rose is four months and 3 days old!

Elsie Rose is four months old~

This month has been amazing to see the changes in her, as she continues to go from strength to strength following her tongue tie division. Feeding is still a little more erratic than I’m used to, but she is gaining weight still and smiling lots!

This month we had a chuckle from our beautiful girl, and it certainly helped to brighten another up and down period. More and more I am realising that the impact of pregnancy might be a lot bigger than I’d anticipated and I admit there are days where I struggle emotionally. But we are getting there. We are doing more, and we are finding our feet together. (more…)


Elsie Rose is 3 months old!

Today Elsie Rose is three months and 4 days old.

Elsie Rose three month old~

We have lots of smiles. We have half chuckles. We have lots of head bobbing as she cranes her neck to take in her world. She loves to look in the mirror. She loves bath time. She saves her best smiles for her siblings. She is fast becoming the best company.

And the worst.

And the guilt pours from my being as I type the words, but life with Elsie Rose is not always easy. The curse of reflux has us tight in it’s grip. And poor Elsie is suffering. And we are suffering. And some days are so hard! (more…)


Fisher-Price Sensory Stages 2 in 1 bouncer: a review and giveaway

Just before Elsie arrived we were sent a Fisher-Price Sensory Stages 2 in 1 bouncer to review.  All the kids have had a bouncy chair of some sort, as when they are first born I like them to have a change of scenery, and sit up with the family as much as possible. I have fond memories of my little sister being a baby, and chatting gobbledygook to her as she sat happily in her bouncy chair, and that was 27 years ago! So, on to the Fisher-Price chair, and what we thought of it.

Fisher-Price sensory stages 2 in 1 bounver chair review and giveaway~ (more…)


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