ToucanBox: a review

The Big One loves crafty activities so she was suitably thrilled when her ToucanBox arrived! What a fantastic idea! It’s creator, Virginie, launched the product after becoming frustrated about never having the materials she needed to make arts and crafts projects with her kids. We’ve all been there too- you watch popular arts programs and your kids are keen to make their own fantastic creations, but you just don’t have the right stuff in the house. Not many people do house plastic googly eyes, glitter and sticky back plastic all the time after all.

The ToucanBox is a monthly subscription service. Each box comes with a set of four crafty projects linked to a theme and they are filled with everything you need to make sure your projects come to life. In addition, the boxes contain colouring sheets and a picture book for added inspiration- should it be needed!

As a teacher, my house does tend to have various crafty bits and bobs knocking around, but its lovely to have specific items ready to use for new craft projects. Another point to make with my teacher hat on is how easy the instruction booklet is to follow. So easy that I left The Big One to it for half an hour and she happily made a fantastic bird feeder to hang in the garden!


In all, the ToucanBox has been a fantastic arrival and we’ve found the recent rainy days a little easier to endure! You can sign up today for a monthly subscription here.


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Win a pair of Skeanies

We were recently sent a pair of Skeanie shoes to review. We chose a pair of navy blue Sneakies for The Toddler and after a couple of week’s worth of wear, here they are:

These shoes have been everywhere. They have splashed in muddy puddles, they have traipsed through thick grass, they have been buried in the sand and they have been run in, skipped in and even (precariously) hopped in. And yet, they still look amazing!

Ghostwriterdaddy’s first thought on these shoes were that he was surprised Skeanie decided to use leather and suede on a pair of toddler shoes. He assumed they would be good for nothing after one wear. I have to say that I was, at first, a little protective of them too. They looked so lovely and clean when they arrived… Ok , so they are no longer clean, but they are nowhere near ready for the scrap heap.

Skeanie shoes are, as adverstised, “ designed to nurture and protect little feet, hand-crafted from high quality eco-leather”… and you can really tell they know what they’re talking about. The Toddler’s Sneakies are so soft, even now after they have been worn so well. I really can’t fault these shoes at all.

We took a while deciding which shoe to go for actually, as there are so many gorgeous designs to choose from. And this is where is gets exciting, dear reader! Not only is there currently a 20% discount up for grabs on your first order, but I also have a pair of brand new Skeanies to give away right here too!

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is to answer this question:

Which country do Skeanie shoes originate from?

HINT: the answer can be found on the About page over at Skeanie.

To enter:

*leave a comment with your answer and your favourite pair of Skeanie shoes

*tweet the following: I’ve entered to win a pair of Skeanie shoes with @ghostwritermumm and @SkeanieEurope

*visit the Skeanie Facebook page to let them know which pair of Skeanies are your favourite

That’s it! competition is open to UK residents only. The closing date is Tuesday 3rd July at 9pm. Winner will be drawn at random from the correct entries. Winner will be asked to choose a pair of shoes from the Skeanie website; these will be sent direct from the company.



Gummee Glove: a review

Isobel is four months old and teething. How on earth did this happen? Only yesterday she was a tiny, red bundle wrapped in a swaddle and sleeping all day. Now, she is trying to crawl and covering the house in dribble.

Oh, the dribble!

The teething monster has her bad. I wonder if I could do a deal with the tooth fairy? Maybe the next time she collects one of the Big One’s pearly whites, she could magically and painlessly deposit a couple in Isobel’s mouth for us? It would save a whole lot of chomping and drooling.

It’s safe to say that the baby is finding growing teeth a little painful. When you hold her, she grabs your hands and chomps your fingers. At night, she chomps her own hands. Teething toys do provide relief but it’s a full time job making sure they stay in her hand and she isn’t that great at keeping hold of the things she really wants. It’s a frustrating time!

This is where the Gummee Glove really stands out among the teething toys. We were sent one to review and I have to say that I think it is a really clever toy. The Gummee Glove is a teething mitten which fits onto the baby’s hand (like a glove!) and fastens together for a snug fit. Around the edges there are flexible rubber chomping tabs and on the palm of the glove there is a crinkly insert designed to stimulate with new sounds and textures. There is also a little pouch inside the glove which you can pop a teething ring into. This can be removed and chilled in the fridge.

I immediately loved the idea of the Gummee Glove. As advised, we washed it prior to use and I left the teething ring in the fridge overnight for added relief. The baby also loved the Gumme Glove! At first, she wasn’t keen on having the glove attached to her hand and she spent a few minutes looking at it like it was an alien. It didn’t take her long to realise that she could chew it though and since then it hasn’t been far from her mouth!

Isobel actually prefers to chew the fabric of the glove and at the moment she finds the angle of the rubber tabs a little difficult to aim into her mouth. She also uses her other hand to hold the glove near her mouth. The best thing about the Gummee Glove is that Isobel can keep hold of it. I don’t have to keep picking it up from the floor after she’s dropped it. And it does provide some relief for her too.

All in all, we’re really impressed with the Gummer Glove and quite a few parents have commented on how clever it is. If you’d like to hear more about it, pop over to the Gummee Glove Facebook page. The Gumme Glove comes with a handy little pouch bag to keep it safe and full care instructions too.



** we were set a Gummee Glove for review purposes only. No payment was received and all views are my own!

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Kiddy Phoenixfix Pro: a review

We’re big fans of Kiddy car seats in the Ghostwritermummy household, and we’re not alone. For over 30 years the German company has been at the top of the game when it comes to travelling in safety and comfort and I genuinely believe that once you have a Kiddy seat, you won’t want to buy another brand. This week, we’ve been lucky enough to review the new Phoenixfix Pro and we’ve awarded it aother bright and shiny gold star!

This is a group 1 car seat, suitable for children from the ages of aproximately9 months to 4 years old (weight: 9-18kg). The baby is still too small for this seat, so the toddler has been keeping it warm for her! This is what he thought:

Mummy: Do you like your new car seat?

Toddler: Yes!

Interpreted: The Phoenixfix Pro is a lovely colour, thank you very much. It comes in Anthracite and black (phantom), black ( Racing black) and dark red andblack (Rumba) so the colours are neutral and ideal for both a boy or a girl. With the trademark simple design the seats looks stylish and aren’t too fussy at all.

Mummy: Does your new car seat feel nice to sit in?

Toddler: Yes!

Interpreted: The Phoenixfix Pro has been designed with comfort in mind, perfect for longer journeys or shorter school runs and other quick trips alike. The seat has lovely plush, breathable fabrics which are easy to clean and soft to sit on. Like other Kiddy car seats, the Phoenixfix Pro reclines for sleep time and the seats are a good size, suitable for both younger and older children. No squashed bottoms!

Mummy: Do you feel safe in your new car seat?

Toddler: Yes!

Interpreted: Like other Kiddy car seats, the Phoenixfix Pro has excellent safety features, from top to bottom. Starting with the headrest to stop little heads rolling around, finishing with the unique impact shield which has been designed to reduce the risk of severe neck injury in the case of an acident. The seat also features side impact protection and it’s lightweight too, which means that in the event of a collision, there is are lower acceleration forces so less of an impact to the passenger.

Mummy: Are you glad we’ve got this new car seat?

Toddler: Yes!

Interpreted: Like all other Kiddy car seats, it does sit at the slighter higher end of the pay scale but it also sits at the top of the list when it comes to style, comfort and safety. When it comes to choosing car seats, there should be no compromising and as a family, we believe that Kiddy’s seats are the best you can get. It also features isofix ‘K-connectors’ and is very easy to install- so no angry daddy losing his patience!

Verdict: The kiddy Phoenixfix Pro is an excellent car seat. Retailing at around £200, it is worth every penny in my opinion. It looks nice, feels nice and offers the ultimate in comfort and safety. For more information, visit the Kiddy website and don’t forget to visit their Facebook page either, where you can keep up to date with the latest in car safety and Kiddy products.



** we were sent a Kiddy Phoenixfix Pro seat to review. We were not given any payment and all views are my own!


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