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The Lyst Wish List

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Lyst, who were keen to let me know about their innovative shopping experience. Ok, so I had to check it out to see what they meant. And wow. On first sight, Lyst is a beautiful place to shop online. But what makes it so special? I decided to have a look, and to compile a wish list…

The Lyst Wish List_Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

So I need a new dress. I’ll write about that soon, but suffice to say that perhaps by award nomination days aren’t quite behind me yet! Last summer I went for a beautiful Ted Baker dress to attend the MADS awards do in London, and in March I’m going to another posh do (and another in May, but there are no awards at that one!) so I’m thinking a new dress is in order. Don’t you think? Lyst seemed to be the perfect place to start my search, and to be honest straight away I found three dresses I really love. (more…)

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New parent tips for dressing baby with less stress

Persil non bio and Comfort Pure and recently released a few parenting tips to help combat baby dressing blunders.  I found the results quite interesting, and certainly very enlightening. For instance, did you know that poo explosions can be avoided by rolling down the envelope sleeves on baby vests? And you know that white dress you couldn’t resist? That’s going to be the victim of a nasty poo explosion, for sure. Oh, and while we’re at it take no notice of those who tell you not to bother with newborn baby clothes. Some babies are small enough.

new parent tips for dressing baby with less stress_ghostwritermummy.co.ukNow I’m not saying that I’m an expert or anything, but I have been a mother for eleven years now. And while I polish my mum of the year badge for the second time today, I thought I’d impart some wisdom. All around me, people I care about seem to be embarking upon parenthood for the first time, and it’s me they keep turning to for advice. At first, this was baffling. How on earth did I give the impression I knew what I was doing? What on earth made people think that I was some kind of font of knowledge? But it seems having four kids means that you do pick up a few tips and tricks along the way. And I guess now is the right time to say that I’ve always known those envelope arms on baby vests were invented so that you could avoid poo in the hair situations. See, told you I was an expert. Here are my seven new parent tips for dressing baby with less stress… (more…)

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Win £100 Amazon gift card from DC Kids!

Who’s your favourite superhero? What kind of special powers would you give yourself if you could be superhero? Why would anyone not want to be a superhero? These are questions that The School Boy asks me on an almost daily basis, and I have to say I’ll never tire of it. He’s always loved dressing up, and super heroes are his ultimate costume of choice. I love how he’s able to transport himself to another world, and his utter belief in his own powers is amazing. He hasn’t quite mastered the art of flying yet, but watch this space! And his favourite superhero at the moment? Batman, of course.

He got the Batman costume for his birthday last year and it finally fits him well now. So we’re in the middle of a Batcave most days right now, and it’s (mostly) a lot of fun. And great timing, since DC Kids have just launched the animated Batman Unlimited series, where Batman and his crime fighting squad battle it out against the cyber robotic animals to keep Gotham City safe. You can watch the series on the DC Kids YouTube channel from any device, which is great news for fans like mine!

For even more fun, there is an extended online experience on the websitewhere kids can play games, download free printable activities, read comic books, and more. AND there’s more! DC Kids is giving away £100 for Amazon, which makes it a great time to check it all out.

Watch the video below and enter for your chance today!

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Great Yarmouth’s seafront – the Golden Mile

As a child, we lived quite far from the sea, so any trip to the seaside was a big deal. We would pack a huge picnic, lots of spare clothes, buckets spades, towels and toys, and head off to the coast for the day probably once or twice a year. And we always went to Great Yarmouth. I have such fond memories of digging into the sand genuinely believing I would reach China one day. And cricket on the beach. And hide and seek behind the wind breaker. Only going so inf-requently definitely made these days all the more special. So why was Great Yarmouth so special? The Golden Mile, of course.

Great Yarmouth's seafront - the Golden Mile_ghostwritermummy.co.uk (more…)

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