Happy Birthday Prince George: celebrating with Frugi!

Celebrating Prince George's birthday with Frugi limited edition t shirt~ Ghostwritermummy.co.ukAs part of the wonderfully beautiful Frugi Family, the kids and I were delighted to be sent this beautiful limited edition Frugi long sleeved t-shirt to commemorate the royal birthday! Prince George turns one today and we’re honoured to be able to celebrate with him!

A child’s first birthday is a wonderful occasion for any family, and I have such happy memories of each and every first birthday party we’ve been lucky enough to hold at home. Each of my three have had a special birthday outfit which is now lovingly packed away into memory boxes. Mainly for me, I suspect. So how wonderful is it that Frugi has brought out this George and the Dragons t-shirt to celebrate baby George’s birthday? A true memory box outfit if ever I saw one!

Celebrating Prince George's birthday with Frugi~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

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Ways to play… with rainbow play dough

Recently I’ve been searching for lots of ways to play that allow me to take a less active role, in both the set up and clearing away, and the actual play too. I’ve been so sick with this pregnancy and I’m sad to say that we’ve spent far too many days doing very very quiet activities or nothing at all as I stick my head down the nearest loo. We’ve not been outside as much as I would normally either, and I cannot tell you how guilty this makes me feel. So I wanted to keep a hand in with the kids’ activities, as I know how much they love them. I had a very willing volunteer to help me make lots of different coloured play dough one rainy Sunday afternoon, and we used that in lots of play in the following days. So, here is ways to play with rainbow play dough!

ways to play with rainbow play dough~ ghostwritermummy.co.ukI always follow The Imagination Tree’s playdough recipe, you can find that here. I add colour and scent according to what we’re doing so in that case I made, red, yellow, green, blue, purple and orange. Continue reading

Ways to Play: with a wigwam from Great Little Trading Co.

We were recently sent a wigwam to review from The Great Little Trading Co. How lucky we are! The Preschooler has been wanting one of these since he first clapped eyes on a similar one at his friend’s house, and so when it arrived he was very excited indeed! We’ve actually had the wigwam for a good few weeks now so we’ve had chance to give it a good testing, and we’ve used it in so many ways that I thought I’d include it in a Ways to Play post. So without further ado: ways to play with a wigwam!

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Thank you Baba and Boo

Thank you Baba and Boo~ ghostwritermummy.co.ukWhen I was pregnant with The Toddler, I wanted to do things differently. I wanted this time to be third time lucky. I wanted no reminders of what I’d done wrong previously, or what I had failed to get to grips with properly. The Preschooler was only 18 months old and no time at all had passed since his traumatic arrival into the world. In a way, maybe I wanted to erase what had happened by wiping the slate clean and starting again.

We decided not to find out the gender at the 20 week scan. That was the first difference. Then we booked an elective section. Another huge difference. We decided to co-sleep. We decided not to stress about bottles and to just breastfeed for as long as our baby needed it. I wanted to connect with this baby properly; I didn’t want to remember that cold, robot-like feeling that had haunted my bones after my son was born. I didn’t want to go through the motions, I wanted to feel them. Continue reading