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Christmas Travel with mifold- our initial thoughts

We were recently sent a new and rather exciting product to test out over Christmas. the mifold car seat. On first glances, it doesn’t look anything like a traditional car seat and to be honest, at first Ghostwriterdaddy and I were a little confused… here are our initial thoughts on the mifold car seat- I’ll update you on when we return from our Christmas travels!

The mifold

Christmas travel with mifold- our initial thoughts_ car seat is billed as the ‘grab and go’ booster seat- ideal for journeys where you need to preserve as much room in the car as possible, or for play dates and impromptu pick ups. It’s ten times smaller than the average booster seat, but just as safe. Because of it’s size, it can fit easily into the glove box, or under the passenger seat for safe storage. It’s portable, so your child can take it to school with them if they’re off to a friend’s house for a play. It can easily fit in the back seat, thus eliminating the ‘how do we fit three car seats along the back’ problem.  (more…)

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Travel Essentials part four- SHolder giveaway exclusive!

This is the final part of my travel essentials reviews. Now, this is one product that I had to turn down in the end. It wasn’t an easy task as the product itself looks amazing and I really wanted one BUT the toddler is too small and the big one, I know, would not wear it without fussing. I also felt it wasn’t quite what I was looking for for a holiday in Florida. However, I did think that it was such a fabulous new product that I agreed to host a giveaway as part of this feature. So, let me introduce the SHolder.

The SHolder is a new, innovative product that has only just been launched onto the market, so its likely that you won’t have seen many around yet. Its designed for kids aged between 3 and 9 years old and literally allows you to try some of that ‘hands free’ parenting you sometimes hear about…

The following features come as standard: security name tag; reflective strips for safety; zip pocket for valuables; a weatherproof mac/ poncho and a water bottle holder. Its basically a fun shoulder sash that allows children to grab a taste of independence. As you can see from the picture, kids can carry all the important stuff during days out, which leaves your bag free to carry all of your important rubbish stuff instead.


The SHolder comes in two sizes, 3-5yrs and 6-9yrs. For more information, you can  call 08453 90 80 68 or email


I have one SHolder Kit to giveaway to  one lucky reader! All you need to do is leave me a comment with your email address, and tell me about a super family day out that you have had recently. It doesn’t need to be a long comment, just a few lines that lets me know about the fab ways you make days out fun. One entry will be chosen at random in one week’s time- Tuesday 9th August 2011 at 4pm.

The giveaway is open to UK residents only and the prize is one SHolder Kit in your specified size. The kit will be sent out by MummyMitts.

So that’s it- what are you waiting for? This looks like such a fab product, I would love to know what you think!


Travel Essentials part three: Bubblebum car seat and Sound Asleep speaker pillow

As part three of my travel with kids feature, here are two more fantastic products that are designed to make the whole ordeal experience a little easier.

Firstly, the Bubblebum car seat. This is another product that is definitely going to be taking up its rightful place in my suitcase. We’ve booked car seats with the hire car but this is still one prouct that I know will come in very handy. The Bubblebum compresses down into a small pouch and can be carried with you wherever you go. When you need to use it, you simply blow it up! Genious. It complies with all the safety regulations so it perfectly fine to use for older children who just need a booster seat. I won’t be using it for the toddler, but the big one has already put it to good use when she’s been picked up from school by other parents etc. The plan is to take it with us, stash is under the buggy and if she wants to ride home at a different time with my parents or one of my sisters, there is no need for us all to trek back to our car to change car seats. She just inflates her Bubblebum (!) and she’s away. Simple.  As always, I shall be posting a follow up review to the Bubblebum car seat once we return.

The second travel essential we have been lucky enough to review is for the big one again, although I have a feeling I may be pinching it at some point. The Sound Asleep speaker pillow is a great idea- it shapes around your shoulders and has little speakers built in close to the ears. This means the big one can listen to books on CD or any of her favourite music during the flight or car journeys. We’ve yet to try this out on a journey but the big one has tried the cushion at home and it looks like  a good fit. Its not suitable for kids under 5 so, again, the toddler won’t be using this. My only reservation is the volume of the speakers and whether or not it will disturb fellow passengers. We shall see. On the plus side, its way more comfortable than headphones so that could be a major plus. Once again, I shall be posting a follow up review.

Tomorrow I shall be letting you in on one final product, which I shall be giving away to one lucky reader. Don’t forget to pop back to find out what it is!

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Travel essentials part two: National Geographic Kids magazine and Totseat reviews

So here is part two of my travel essentials reviews. Today I am bringing you two fabulous items we were lucky enough to review. Again, I will be taking them both away with us and will bring you an updated review when we return.

Firstly, the big one was delighted to receive the National Geographic Kids magazines. They were quite simply packed full of stuff she likes to read- what more could you ask? Since the big one loves to read and has a particular interest in encyclopedias (she doesn’t get that from me, just like her dad on that one) and animals, these magazines were perfect for her. She read them all in practically one sitting!


So, how do we review the magazines on holiday if she’s read them? The great thing is that each edition is absolutely PACKED full of stuff that you can go back time and time again and read something new. There are also so many points for discussion that I know they’ll keep her entertained a while. And if not, I have a super-duper discount code that I am sharing with you guys!

Each edtion of the National Geographic Kids magazine is allows kids to “come face-to-face with exotic wildlife, discover ancient cultures and civilizations, explore the wonders of the natural world, read about their favourite stars, and get creative with exciting things to make and do.”

The magazines are aimed at kids aged from 7 to 12 years old and the discount I have to offer allows you to get them with a 50% reduction. The link to the discount offer will be at the bottom of this post and I will get it posted on the sidebar of my blog too. Spread the word!

The second travel essential we were lucky enough to review is the ingenious Totseat. This is one product I know that many of you have already used and loved and now I know why! The toddler is not so good at sitting in his high chair- he prefers to sit at the table with us mostly. This usually means that he can’t see over the top of the table and he can’t stay on his bottom. It also usually ends with the toddler climbing onto the table and screaming his protests when we make him get down. It does not make for a relaxing meal.

We tried the Totseat yesterday. He seemed to like it. Being at the table with us suited him well, although we needed a cushion as our chairs are quite low. He ate his dinner, and that’s more than good enough for me! But the best thing about this product is that it can be taken out and about with us and we can always guarantee that he has somewhere to sit if there aren’t any highchairs. When we’re away, my sister and her toddler will be with us and so if there is only one highchair in the apartment (if any) then we’ll be sorted with the Totseat. Also, the toddler can always sit at the table with us, which is another bonus.

Another great thing about the Totseat is that it can be popped into the machine after use and doesn’t need dis-assembling like his chair does. Might be a pain to do this after every meal, since the fabric isn’t wipe clean, but we shall see. Overall, this is a fab product and I’m looking forward to taking it away with us!

Click here for your National Geographic Kids magazine discount code!

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