Three Ways to Make Memories Last this Christmas and Beyond

Three Ways to Make Memories Last this Christmas and Beyond_Ghostwritermummy.co.ukWhen I was younger, a child in the 80s, I had a Polaroid camera that I simply adored. I LOVED taking photos, and having the images develop in my hands a few minutes later. I loved that there was space to write a caption underneath the photo. I loved feeling like a proper photographer, creating something that I could then stick into an album and admire again and again. I still love taking photos, but my camera of choice has been digital for many years now. Until last month, when my husband bought me an Instamax camera. All of a sudden, I’m able to hold a photo in my hands almost immediately again, and it’s made me realise how much I now need to make an effort to print out more of my photos. I think we’re all guilty of it- taking hundreds and thousands of photos each year, and then just saving them to the cloud and never looking at them again. That has to change! Now, I’m determined to fill my home with photos in as many forms as possible and this is the reason why printing services are now my latest obsession! With this in mind I’ve put together three ways to make memories last this Christmas and beyond. (more…)

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Your 5-step Plan to a Pay Rise

Your 5-step plan to a pay riseThis is a sponsored guest post

As with most parents, my hands are pretty full to be worrying about things like the news and current affairs too much. Frankly, it isn’t exactly a hotbed for optimism and happiness anyway, and does little for my chi. But the bliss of ignorance can only get you so far, and it’s difficult to shake that tangible feeling that, economically anyway, these are challenging times. But, against a backdrop of stretched budgets and prophets of doom and gloom, the good news is that you’re in line for a pay rise. Nope, not from your boss – from yourself! All it takes is a little bit of savvy and not a lot of effort. Here are some ways you can free up a whole lot more pennies for you and your family to spend (or save!)… (more…)

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Hotel Chocolat Festive Giveaway!

Hotel Chocolat Festive Giveaway_Ghostwritermummy.co.ukWe were recently sent some delicious festive treats from Hotel Chocolat- definitely one of our highlights of Christmas this year so far! Not only was it really hard to choose between delights such as the Truffle Tree, the Festive Wreath and the super cute Penguin Selfie… In the end though, we went for the beautiful Yule Log and the delightfully cute Christmas Pocket Selection and guess what? You could win exactly the same, just in time for Christmas!

More about the Yule Log, from Hotel Chocolat themselves:

Traditionally, the Yule Log is brought in from the cold and immediately burnt on the hearth. Instead we brought our elm branch in, put it through a 3D scanner and made our festive buche, which we finished with white chocolate for a finish of fresh snow. 50% milk chocolate praline with hazelnuts and crisped rice, it’s sliceably soft for that effortless carving-the-log moment, and serves 14. Just add friends, family and fireplace!

Now tell me you’re not tempted! And what better stocking filler for yourself, than the beautifully packaged Christmas Pocket Selection? You can’t go wrong with Hotel Chocolat in my opinion, so without further ado here’s what you need to do to be in with a chance of winning:

Simply fill in your details on the form below, and don’t forget to leave a comment telling me what you’re hoping to find under the Christmas tree for YOU this year. This is a really quick giveaway because I want you to get your goodies in time for the big day, so it’s going to end midnight Monday 19th December. Terms and conditions on the form- good luck!

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My Voice Matters

Just under seven years ago, I found myself strapped to a bed in a strange place. I was all alone. I was hungry, thirsty and scared. Because I was strapped to the bed, I was unable to reach the glass of water that had been left there, and the hot chocolate someone had kindly made for me had gone cold long ago. I literally could do nothing more than count down the time until I would finally have someone by my side. Listening to the clicks and rhythms of the machines around me was forcing my eyelids to droop and the only thing preventing me from falling asleep, besides the pain, was fear. Pure, cold fear. The same fear I feel still now. On those days where it all comes back in floods, like flashes of searing white hot reminders. On those days where the smallest of tasks seem enormous and the shortest of to do lists threaten to drown me. On those days where I am nothing, apart from what happened to me that day.

365_birthdays (more…)

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