No Less of a Mother

You are no less of a mother just because your baby is birthed on an operating table. The love you feel for your baby (at whatever point it arrives- the love, I mean. It isn’t always instant, and that goes for all mums too. That ‘rush of love’ sometimes meanders rather than races) is no smaller because you did not push her out of your vagina. Your power, your strength and your courage is no smaller because your plans went out of the window. Your abilities are no less potent becaus they sliced you open instead. You birthed your baby AND you had major surgery too. 

  And not only that, but this. 

While most would recover from abdominal surgery by lying in bed, pillows plumped and needs met, you do not. You pull night shifts just the same as the other mums. You feed round the clock. You change nappies. You cook food. You mother.

 You are no less of a mother.

You are no less of a mother just because your baby arrived differently. It doesn’t mean you didn’t try. It doesn’t mean you didn’t agonise over the decision. It doesn’t mean you didn’t question your abilities. You did all of that and you went ahead anyway.  

 You let them have you. You sat on the side of the bed while they injected your spine and you offered yourself up to them. Your life in their hands. Complete trust. Hope. Belief. You watched the hands on the clock turn on and you heard the clink of surgical tools on metal trays and you blinked. Once. Maybe twice. And you continued to breathe. Because what else could you do?

You are no less of a mother just because your baby was born on a table. You are a warrior because your baby was born on a table. Because you knew what you needed to do, and you did it. Because you closed your eyes and you waited. 

You are no less of a mother. You are amazing. 


Reflux, Allergies and other Stumbles in the Journey

Last week we had a routine check up at the hospital with Elsie’s paediatrician. Usually we marvel at how well she’s doing, despite the reflux and allergies. Despite her rocky beginnings. Despite the agonising months we spent fearing the worse. This time though, we came away with a trebled dose of medication for the reflux and a steroid  inhaler for restricted airways possibly related to asthma, possibly allergies. It felt like a step backwards. A falter where other babies were moving onwards and upwards. A stumble in the path where other babies were sailing.


Win tickets to A Spirit of Christmas!

Elsie and I are so thrilled to be ambassadors for From Babies with Love. What we love so much is the fact that 100% of their profits go to help support abandoned and orphaned children around the world. We’ll be telling you more about it all soon. Here is Elsie in her beautiful From Babies with Love onesie…


And here she is with her gorgeous teddy bear…


From Babies with Love will be exhibiting at the Spirit of Christmas Fair, Olympia, 2-8 November and I just know their stand is going to be amazing.

Want to win a pair of tickets worth £39 to attend the Spirit of Christmas Fair at Olympia, London, from 2 – 8th November – the ultimate Christmas shopping experience? (more…)

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WIN a Russell the dream sheepdog!

A few months ago, we were lucky enough to review a Russell the dream sheepdog, the toddler friendly sleep aid from SweetDreamers, the makers of Ewan the dream sheep. You can read our review here. And now we’re thrilled to bring you a Russell giveaway!

Win Russell the dream sheepdog~ Ghostwritermummy.co.uk

SweetDreamers, the brand behind Ewan the dream sheep, the multi award winning baby sleep aid, is thrilled to also have Russell the dream sheepdog in its flock. Taking the baton from ewan once little ones reach 18 months, Russell  has em’barked’ on a mission to be the ultimate bedtime companion for toddlers. 

Cute, cuddly and comforting, Russell will take over from ewan when the little ones reach 18 months, and support sleep time struggles for as long as they need. Russell helps toddlers sleep with his softly changing warm glow, which gently lights up the room with a calming ‘colour therapy’ display. One thing is for certain, Russell proves dogs really are man’s best friend as he offers companionship with his enchanting green and blue ‘light show’ to lull them to sleep in no time.

What’s even better is Russell has a voice recorder, so parents, or even grandparents, friends or aunties, can record themselves talking, singing or reading a favourite bedtime story to enjoy for as long as little one needs. The voice recording function can also provide a way to alleviate separation anxiety.  If a little one is staying away for a weekend, they can still listen to mum and dad’s voice before bedtime, which is sure to help them settle.

 Fancy winning one of these? Just fill in the Rafflecopter form below, and don’t forget to tell me why you want to win. Terms and Conditions on the form. Good luck!

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